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Colorado Hunting Maps

A Topographic Hunting Map System

If you need a better way to explore your hunting unit in Colorado, you've come to the right place.  DIY Hunting Maps has the complete mapping system for your big game hunt.  We give you the topographic tools to get it done on your Elk, Deer or Antelope hunt this fall.

The Paper Hunting Guide

If you demand in-depth topographic and shaded relief cover, our Hunting Paper Maps are for you. View up-to-date public land ownership and extensive water coverage on a map that highlights the big picture. Unfold one to unlock the ‘DIY Difference’ and find greater access to Public Lands.

Starting at $13.95


The GPS Hunting Guide

If you're not using these hunting gps chips on Public Lands, you're only seeing part of the picture. Landownership and 24k topolines don't cut it anymore. If you're a serious public lands hunter, these chips give you access to Closed and Decommissioned roads, trails broken out by designated use, a fully integrated shaded-relief, and that's just breaking the surface.

Starting at $34.95


The Digital Hunting Guide

The digital map platform is the last piece of the complete hunting map system. Scan the same data found on our paper maps in a similar format to a GPS view from the comfort of your own home. Zoom in on a big screen, add in Species Specific layers, and create custom maps from your own printer.

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