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First To Know

LeftoverList Alert is an Text or Email Alert system for changes to the CPW's leftover list. Starting August 13th, the CPW will randomly be adding returned tags back into the leftover list that anyone can pick up. That means an 18 Point Draw Antelope tag can show up. Or maybe a moose or sheep tag. If you want to see tags of a lifetime going for just the price of the tag, without the wait, our LeftoverList will let you know.

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How it Works

LeftoverList Alert works by constantly monitoring changes with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Leftover List. When we see a tag added to the list, we send you a notification either by Text or Email as soon we detect it being added. You will know within 60 seconds and often much sooner that a tag is available. Once you sign-up, you set up your notification settings and we do the rest. You just need to be ready to sign-in and get the tag of a lifetime! Here is a break-down:

Step 1

Sign-Up for an Account: Use the + button above to add the subscription to your cart. Then go to the Colorado Leftover List Page. When you're signed in and have a subscription, you should see a box you can click to view your current settings.

Step 2

Set-up your Settings: We start out by sending everything to the email you signed in with, but feel free to tweak this section how you want. Maybe you want to get verified and switch to text alerts. Maybe you could care less about Black Beer or Turkey. Maybe you only want to see the tags that take 10 or more Preference Points to Draw. Regardless what you want, tweak your settings here so you're not getting more notifications than you need. If you're already set with tags and just want to see what shows up, think about setting the frequency to Hourly so you're never getting more than one notification an hour.

Step 3

Verify You Phone: We use a verification process for your phone. Not because we're afraid of bots spamming us, but because we want to make sure you don't mess up adding your phone number. If you type in the wrong phone number, you won't know you're not getting alerts until it's too late. Once you have at least 1 phone verified, changing between emails, phones and settings is done from the settings page. Unfortunately you can only send alerts to one phone per account at a time.

Step 4

Keep Your Phone on Loud: No matter your contact preference, if you get the notification, act quickly. Even people not using LeftoverList Alert are constantly watching for these trophy tags, so have a digital "Go Bag" ready to get online and add that tag quickly!