Lane Walter

Firefighter and Entrepreneur


Hunted Species:
Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Caribou, Moose, Deer

Film/Photography, Nutrition, Fitness, Archery, Train to Hunt Style Events

Lane Walter is an Outdoor Field Producer/ Cameraman doing work for shows like Outback Outdoors and Eastmans Hunting TV; he has also had films in the Full Draw Film Tour. Lane is a Product Ambassador for companies like Slumberjack Gear, Spot Hogg Archery, and Hamskea Archery Solutions. When he is not out in the field hunting for himself or filming hunts he is out helping friends and family members fill their tags.

Born in Powell Wyoming and moved to northern colorado when he was 7 years old. He started shooting archery when he was 12 and by the time he was 14 he was competing in national and world tournaments; even winning a bronze medal in Belfast Ireland at the 2013 World Police and Fire Games.

Lane grew up in the outdoors, spending a lot of time hunting and fishing with his father and twin brother. He started bowhunting when he was 19 and was fortunate enough to have some great role models with whom he contributes his early success. Although he loves to hunt all big game species there is a special place in his heart for bighorn sheep. In 2014 he harvested a great ram in Colorado with his Hoyt bow.

Married to his beautiful wife Becca and a proud father of their two sons, Easton and Camden. He is a firefighter for the Denver Fire Department and the Owner of the Max Muscle Nutrition stores in Loveland & Fort Collins. He believes that perseverance and loyalty are overlooked keys to success in all aspects of life.

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