Are Colorado Draw Results In Yet?

Are Colorado Draw Results In Yet?

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Posted By: Jordan Ongstad (June 4, 2018)

The much anticipated time of year for Colorado Big Game Hunters is here. The CPW changed their system a bit this year, eliminating the back-door and giving us a non specific June 4-8th window of results showing up. So let's get a poll going to see when results start showing up for us outdoorsman. Just make sure you come back and change your answer if you start seeing results!

Not including sheep or goat, those have been out a while!

How to check results

Head over to the CPW's License System and sign-in to check your status. Results could take as long as Friday (June 8th) to post, so please don't call the CPW until after this week if results are not showing on your applications.

Please Comment

When you see results, please comment below with the species you're seeing so others know what you're seeing and when! It's a new system, so let's track it so we know for next year!

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