Colorado Backdoor Explained

Colorado Backdoor Explained

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Posted By: Jordan Ongstad (May 18, 2016)

Throughout the years, as attention spans decrease, and the need for instant gratification increases, people have found ways of finding out their draw results before they are even posted.  This is known as the “backdoor” and I’ll explain it for you in Colorado.

How it Works

The actual “Draw” takes place behind the shrouds of the Division of Wildlife a few days or weeks before the results can be found on the Draw Results section of the website.  In this period between when the draw takes place and the results are official it’s said the Backdoor is open.  Currently as I write this, Sheep and Goat results are official and the Deer Backdoor just opened. 

How to Check

To check the results, you go to the Division’s Online License system and sign in like you’re going to buy a Habitat Stamp.  When you click “Habitat Stamp and Other’s Button”, you scroll down you should see all the licenses you have applied for.  Within the backdoor window, if you were successful for a particular species, you should see two different licenses for the same species, one with a 3 digit number starting with “5”.  See the screenshot of my current results below.  That’s all there is, it’s really that simple.  Although it’s currently working this year, something could change at any time.

Colorado Big Game Draw BackdoorAn Example of a Successful Deer Application

Step By Step:

  • Go to Division's Application Page
  • Click “Start Now”
  • Enter Information > "Continue"
  • Click your answers to the 2 questions
  • Click "Habitat Stamps & All Other Licenses"
  • Look for Duplicate Licenses, one with a 3 digit number starting with 5

Downfalls of the Process

There is no official place to find out if the backdoor is open, so you’re going to have to rely on successful buddies who drew, or check online forums like Bowsite or Archery Talk.

Although this process will tell you if you drew a species license or not, it won’t tell you which choice you drew.  In the case of my deer application, I applied for points on choice 1, a unit with around 30% draw odds choice 2 and a rifle tag that has 100% draw odds for 3rd choice.  Although I know I drew a deer tag, I won’t know whether if it was my second or third choice until the results are official.  So in my case, I’m going to have to exercise patience, which I’m told isn’t a bad virtue to begin with.  Good luck and happy hunting!

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