More Stupidity in Yellowstone
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More Stupidity in Yellowstone

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Posted By: Jordan Ongstad (May 18, 2016)

In a world of veganism, paleo life-styles, and animal/conservation activists blowing up the web, how the stupidity level increases with every passing year is incomprehensible. Just within the last few weeks two astonishing events happened, helping to further indemnify the outlook of humanity.  As outdoorsman, we value our natural resources and respect its inhabitants more than any other group, formal or informal. Although, both these incidences where by people foreign to our nation, it should impart an even greater importance to passing both our heritage and values on to our future generations.  Although we can’t control people outside our social reach, it’s important to each do our part and instill greater values on those around you.

The Cold Baby Bison

On May 9th a father and son heaved the nearly 100 lb calf into their Toyota Sequoia and drove it to the ranger station in fear for its life from the low of 39 degrees for the day.  Although their intentions may have been good (albeit misguided and reckless), the actions resulted in the death of the calf.  Multiple attempts to re-introduce the calf to its heard failed, leaving park authorities with no other choice but to euthanize the animal.  Read a Full Article by a Helena News Outlet.

Mule Deer Shed Hunting Legality and EthicsPhoto By: Karen Olsen Richardson via Facebook

The Board Walk Jumpers

A group of Canadian guys going by the group “High on Life”, who travel the world and film their adventures left a mark on one of Yellowstone’s most iconic, and my personal favorite, Grand Prismatic spring. In an attempt to get better angles, and better photos to share with their "internet fans", the 3 men walked past sign after sign telling the danger and damage leaving the boardwalk can cause. At one point, in the now removed YouTube Video, you can see them filming the sign explaining the impacts of such actions.  According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle Article, which can be found here, there has been a federal warrant issued for all three. Even if the judge throws the book at them, I doubt it will be enough penance for the damaged caused to something of great significant importance for all us to enjoy. 

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