Digital Scouting Big Game in Colorado

Digital Scouting Big Game in Colorado

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Posted By: Jordan Ongstad (May 10, 2016)

A new era in digital scouting has arrived.  There is no more piecing together different programs, because ‘The Digital Hunting Guide’ has it all, including printable high resolution 24k Topo and Imagery. To get your 5-Day Free trial go to

Printable 24k Topo

The Digital Hunting Guide is the same dependable and accurate data found on our GPS and Paper maps, built into our Web App platform. This lets you explore your entire state by (currently available in Colorado) zooming, panning, and turning different layers on and off.  As an added bonus, these maps are printable at any level with any layers letting you truly customize the map you bring with you this fall. 

The “Print” Interface lets you fine tune the area you want printed with any of our 3 available templates.Printable Hunting Maps with 24k Topographic Lines

We like to print topo on the front of our custom maps, and then put the same area with satellite imagery on the back.Printable Big Game Topographic Maps at 24k

Beetle Kill

Beetle kill can have a dramatic effect on your hunt. Although the death of the pine trees can open up the canopy for increased forb production, most of the beetle kill areas are impossible to move through.  Trees only rot when they are in contact with the ground. In much of these areas, the trees fall on top of each other creating a tangled mess of dry timber.  That’s why we have added the areas defined as beetle kill from the US Forest Service to help you better plan.

Current Beetle Kill inside Big Game Hunting Areas

Burn Areas

Forest Fires are nature’s way of renewal and change, often opening up old growth forests into new and productive ecosystems.  Don’t overlook burn areas as potential areas to hit up and locate big game.

Colorado Current Burned Areas for Big Game Hunting


The diesel power used to yard trees in the forest is deafening up close and can be heard for miles in a quiet landscape, however, like forest fires, logging can rejuvenate the lands and attract animals.  We’ve added logging activity back to 1950, and added the current and planned logging areas so you don’t show up to a new potential area disappointed.

Track Logging and Timber Harvest in Colorado

Species Data

Last, we added a few species specific overview files. These layers developed by the Division of Wildlife are aimed to help get you started.  Whether it’s migration patterns/corridors, production/concentration areas, overall range, or perennial water, we’ve giving you access to these layers to help you better plan our hunt.

Species Specific Printable Data for Colorado

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