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Elk Unit 97
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2016 Legal Description

Pinedale Legal Description: Beginning where the East Green River Road (Sublette County Road 23-110) intersects Wyoming Highway 351; northerly along said highway to Cora Junction and U.S. Highway 191; easterly along said highway to Pine Creek; northerly up said creek to Summit Lake; easterly to Mt. Helen and the Continental Divide; southerly along said divide to the Middle Fork of Boulder Creek; westerly down said creek to Boulder Creek; westerly down said creek to the New Fork River; southerly down said river to Wyoming Highway 351; westerly along said highway to the East Green River Road (Sublette County Road 23-110).

2016 Regulations

License TypeStartEndValid UnitsNotes
ArcherySep. 1TentativeArchery Season
GeneralOct. 1TentativeAny Elk
Limited 1Sep. 20TentativeAny Elk
Limited 6Sep. 20TentativeCow Or Calf

2016 Special Rules and Regulations

Section 4 - Archery SeasonYes
Section 5 - Disabled Hunter ExtensionYes
Section 6 - Youth Elk SeasonsYes
Section 7 - Feedground Special PermitYes
Section 8 - Special Regulations UnitNo

2016 Statistics

Available Limited LicensesLimited 1, Limited 6
General UnitYes
Cross Hunting Units
Unit Size477.53
Total Hunters541
Overall Success29.60%
Bulls Taken76
Total Percent Public Land82.54%
Percent BLM Lands25.90%
Percent National Forest Lands54.91%
Percent State Lands1.74%
Roads Per Sq Mile0.99
Elevation Range6,824 - 13,398
G&F Designated Poor AccessNo
CWD PresentNo

2014 Harvest Statistics

License TypeActive HuntersBullSpikeCowCalfTotalSuccessHunter DaysHarvest DaysLicense Sold
97 Pinedale
Limited 1264684211410740.5%248823.3303
Limited 690009132224.4%68531.1123
Pooled Total541764453516029.6%443927.7
Pooled Resident34533033259126.4%245327
Pooled Nonresident19643412106935.2%198628.8

2015 Resident Draw Odds

Valid UnitsLicense TypeNameQuotaFirst ChoiceSecond ChoiceThird Choice
Limited 1Any Elk189523122
Limited 6Cow Or Calf11020140

2015 Nonresident Draw Odds

Valid UnitsLicense TypeNameQuotaFirst ChoiceSecond ChoiceThird Choice
Limited 1Any Elk10301914
Limited 1 SpecialAny Elk5023
Limited 6Cow Or Calf201440

2015 Preference Points

License TypeDescriptionQuotaIssuedPreference PointsFirst ChoiceOdds
Limited 1Any Elk304*14100%
Any Elk2626<13770.27%
Any Elk00190%
Limited 1 SpecialAny Elk150<10100%
Any Elk153*03100%
Most data represented in these tables are pulled directly from the Wyoming Game & Fish publicly available data. To view this data in raw form, visit the Wyoming Game & Fish Website.