Elk Unit 45 - Paint Rock Creek

Elk Unit 45

WY  Unit :
Elk Unit 45
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2016 Legal Description

Paint Rock Creek Legal Description: Beginning where U.S. Highway 16 crosses the Big Horn River in the town of Worland; northerly down said river to Wyoming Highway 31 at the town of Manderson; easterly along said highway to the Cold Springs Road (B.L.M./U.S.F.S. Road 344); northeasterly along said road to the divide between Medicine Lodge Creek and Paint Rock Creek at Upper Medicine Lodge Lake; easterly along said divide to the divide along the Big Horn Mountain range; southeasterly along said divide to U.S. Highway 16 at Powder River Pass; westerly along said highway to the Canyon Creek Road (U.S.F.S. Road 25); southerly along said road to the Gold Mine Road (U.S.F.S. Road 452); southerly along said road to the Bighorn National Forest boundary; westerly along said boundary to U.S. Highway 16; westerly along said highway to the Bighorn River in the town of Worland.

2016 Regulations

License TypeStartEndValid UnitsNotes
ArcherySep. 1TentativeArchery Season
Limited 1Oct. 15TentativeAny Elk
Limited 4Oct. 15TentativeAntlerless Elk
Limited 5Oct. 10TentativeAntlerless Elk
Limited 6Aug. 15TentativeCow Or Calf Valid North Of The Hyattville Logging Road And East Of State Hwy 31 Off National Forest. Valid Off National Forest Sep 15.
Limited 9Sep. 1TentativeAny Elk, Archery Only

2016 Special Rules and Regulations

Section 4 - Archery SeasonYes
Section 5 - Disabled Hunter ExtensionYes
Section 6 - Youth Elk SeasonsYes
Section 7 - Feedground Special PermitNo
Section 8 - Special Regulations UnitNo

2016 Statistics

Available Limited LicensesLimited 1, Limited 4, Limited 5, Limited 6, Limited 9
General UnitYes
Cross Hunting Units
Unit Size778.37
Total Hunters901
Overall Success41.40%
Bulls Taken135
Total Percent Public Land82.77%
Percent BLM Lands42.78%
Percent National Forest Lands36.23%
Percent State Lands3.75%
Roads Per Sq Mile1.59
Elevation Range3,930 - 12,998
G&F Designated Poor AccessNo
CWD PresentNo

2014 Harvest Statistics

License TypeActive HuntersBullSpikeCowCalfTotalSuccessHunter DaysHarvest DaysLicense Sold
45 Paint Rock Creek
Limited 130594414812039.3%214117.8343
Limited 41810051156636.5%131319.9199
Limited 5186007337640.9%132717.5196
Limited 691005445863.7%3926.897
Limited 9144410935336.8%110020.8152
Pooled Total90113542013337341.4%627316.8
Pooled Resident7419701703229940.4%528217.7
Pooled Nonresident1603843117446.3%99113.4

2015 Resident Draw Odds

Valid UnitsLicense TypeNameQuotaFirst ChoiceSecond ChoiceThird Choice
Limited 1Any Elk2661105304205
Limited 4Antlerless Elk168137342112
Limited 5Antlerless Elk10510915585
Limited 6Cow Or Calf151155250
Limited 9Any Elk, Archery Only1253758834

2015 Nonresident Draw Odds

Valid UnitsLicense TypeNameQuotaFirst ChoiceSecond ChoiceThird Choice
Limited 1Any Elk73257629
Limited 1 SpecialAny Elk513792
Limited 4Antlerless Elk733813
Limited 4 SpecialAntlerless Elk3054
Limited 5Antlerless Elk418161
Limited 5 SpecialAntlerless Elk2090
Limited 6Cow Or Calf282310
Limited 9Any Elk, Archery Only31222619
Limited 9 SpecialAny Elk, Archery Only261101

2015 Preference Points

License TypeDescriptionQuotaIssuedPreference PointsFirst ChoiceOdds
Limited 1Any Elk24494100%
Any Elk200<90100%
Any Elk2011811100%
Any Elk95*<85100%
Any Elk4473511.43%
Any Elk0<72940%
Limited 1 SpecialAny Elk17989100%
Any Elk80*<80100%
Any Elk8872138.1%
Any Elk0<71240%
Limited 4Antlerless Elk22111100%
Antlerless Elk210*<10100%
Antlerless Elk212402777.78%
Antlerless Elk0<000%
Limited 4 SpecialAntlerless Elk100<10100%
Antlerless Elk100*00100%
Limited 5Antlerless Elk14111100%
Antlerless Elk138*<18100%
Antlerless Elk5502321.74%
Antlerless Elk0<000%
Limited 5 SpecialAntlerless Elk60<10100%
Antlerless Elk60*00100%
Limited 9Any Elk, Archery Onl11686100%
Any Elk, Archery Onl54*<84100%
Any Elk, Archery Onl117119.09%
Any Elk, Archery Onl0<71120%
Limited 9 SpecialAny Elk, Archery Onl87*77100%
Any Elk, Archery Onl12<7520%
Any Elk, Archery Onl06580%
Most data represented in these tables are pulled directly from the Wyoming Game & Fish publicly available data. To view this data in raw form, visit the Wyoming Game & Fish Website.