Antelope Unit 114 - Nowater

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Antelope Unit 114
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2015 Legal Description

Nowater Legal Description: Beginning at the confluence of Walters Draw and the Bighorn River; northerly down said river to the Nowood River; southeasterly up said river to U.S. Highway 16; westerly along said highway to the Blue Bank Road (B.L.M. Road 1411); southerly along said road to the Nowater Stock Drive Road (B.L.M. Road 1404); westerly along said road to the Murphy Dome-Mud Creek Road (B.L.M. Road 1409); southwesterly along said road to the divide between Nowater Creek and Kirby Creek; westerly along said divide to the head of Walters Draw; westerly down said draw to the Bighorn River.

2015 Regulations

License TypeStartEndValid UnitsNotes
ArcheryTentativeArchery Seasons Not Set Yet
Limited 1Oct. 1TentativeAny Antelope
Limited 2Aug. 15TentativeAny Antelope Valid On Or Within One-half (1/2) Mile Of Irrigated Land
Limited 6Aug. 15TentativeDoe Or Fawn Valid On Or Within One-half (1/2) Mile Of Irrigated Land

2015 Special Rules and Regulations

Section 4 - Archery SeasonYes
Section 5 - Disabled Hunter ExtensionYes
Section 6 - Youth Elk SeasonsNo
Section 7 - Feedground Special PermitNo
Section 8 - Special Regulations UnitNo

2015 Statistics

Available Limited LicensesLimited 1, Limited 2, Limited 6
General UnitN/A
Cross Hunting Units
Unit Size746.88
Total Hunters151
Overall Success115.20%
Bucks Taken44
Total Percent Public Land84.86%
Percent BLM Lands79.03%
Percent National Forest Lands0.00%
Percent State Lands5.51%
Roads Per Sq Mile1.74
Elevation Range3,930 - 5,400
G&F Designated Poor AccessNo
CWD PresentN/A

2013 Harvest Statistics

License TypeActive HuntersBuckDoeFawnTotalSuccessHunter DaysHarvest DaysLicense Sold
114 Nowater
Limited 14947004795.9%140351
Limited 21221048011291.8%4534151
Limited 639302417531680.4%10753.4496
Pooled Total5101512497547593.1%16683.5
Pooled Resident1591192820167105%5473.3
Pooled Nonresident351322215530887.7%11213.6

2014 Resident Draw Odds

Valid UnitsLicense TypeNameQuotaFirst ChoiceSecond ChoiceThird Choice
Limited 1Any Antelope352538251
Limited 2Any Antelope40406918
Limited 6Doe Or Fawn Antelope16067200

2014 Nonresident Draw Odds

Valid UnitsLicense TypeNameQuotaFirst ChoiceSecond ChoiceThird Choice
Limited 1Any Antelope1633719
Limited 1 SpecialAny Antelope12131
Limited 2Any Antelope1554231
Limited 2 SpecialAny Antelope10810
Limited 6Doe Or Fawn Antelope1331271250

2014 Preference Points

License TypeDescriptionQuotaIssuedPreference PointsFirst ChoiceOdds
Limited 1Any Antelope5383100%
Any Antelope20*<80100%
Any Antelope247450%
Any Antelope0<7630%
Limited 1 SpecialAny Antelope33^7475%
Any Antelope0<7200%
Limited 2Any Antelope6232100%
Any Antelope43<33100%
Any Antelope1020100%
Any Antelope10*<20100%
Any Antelope111250%
Any Antelope0<1540%
Limited 2 SpecialAny Antelope30<10100%
Any Antelope32*02100%
Most data represented in these tables are pulled directly from the Wyoming Game & Fish publicly available data. To view this data in raw form, visit the Wyoming Game & Fish Website.