Wyoming SuperTag and SuperTag Trifecta?

It's new for 2014 and it's kind of awesome.  Here is a brief guide to help you figure out exactly what you need to know to get your name in the pool for the Wyoming Big Game Tag of a lifetime for all major big game species in Wyoming for 2014!

We'll save you some time and get to the point, $10 a try gets you a chance to pick any license you want for the big game species you apply for.  Use the guide below and then use the link underneath the left navigation to go the WGFD ELS (Electronic License Service) to get your name in the hat for "The Perfect License".

What is it?

It puts your name in a pool (raffle) to win a kill tag for one of Wyoming's ten big game species.  These species include elk, deer, antelope, moose, bighorn sheep, black bear, gray wolf, mountain goat, mountain lion and wild bison.

This means 10 different raffles (pools) for each Big Game species.  You have to choose which ones you're putting your name in for, but you can apply for them all or pick or choose.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone can apply, non-residents and residents alike are welcome to get in on the chance for a Wyoming Tag of  lifetime!


When Can You Apply?

January 2nd - May 1st. Go to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's ELS (Electronic Licensing Service) to apply.

How Much is it and How Many Times Can You Apply?

The SuperTag it is $10 per raffle entry (multiple entries are allowed) and the SuperTag Trifecta is $30 per chance. There is unlimited number of entries per person.

How Does it Work?

Go to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's ELS (Electronic Licensing Service) to apply as many times as you'd like.  The number of times you can enter into a Species Drawing is Unlimited.  So the more times you apply, the more likely your chances! For the Supertag you have to specify what species you want a chance to win and for the Supertag Trifecta you can choose three.

If you win, you can hunt any area in Wyoming except moose and bighorn sheep have minimal restrictions. 

What's the Difference Between a SuperTag and SuperTag Trifecta?

The SuperTag is for one big game species and the SuperTag Trifecta is for your choice of three out of the ten species.